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Ľudovít Mičinský

"Litigation can be a lengthy process, especially in Eastern Europe countries like Slovakia. Huge court backlog, postponements and trial delay result not only in increased cost and waste of precious time but also ultimate lack of confidence in justice system by business.


At the VIAC, the parties can resolve their disputes both efficiently and effectively. Vienna’ s proximity to Eastern Europe Capitals makes it a perfect place for all affected parties to come together and resolve their dispute without the challenges that litigation can bring. It is not only the geographical proximity but also the cultural and historical connections that tilt the scales in favour of Vienna over other European cities."

Ľudo is recognised as one of Slovakia's most accomplished private-practice lawyers in alternative dispute resolutions, being long-time “promoter” of the commercial arbitration in the Slovak Republic and frequent speaker at local arbitration conferences. He is listed at the Arbitration Court of the Slovak Bar Association, being the arbitrator with the first decided case at this arbitration court after its reopening in 2016. Beside of that, Ľudo has served as an arbitrator (sole arbitrator and member of arbitration tribunal) in several international arbitrations (Vienna International Arbitral Centre, ICC International Court of Arbitration, ad hoc arbitrations).

Ľudo provides legal consultancy in the field of resolving investment disputes at both a national and international level, in the area of construction disputes and public investments. He has taken part in the number of investment projects and has represented clients in international commercial disputes (ICC rules, VIAC rules, etc.), international investment disputes (under the UNCITRAL rules, ICSID rules, ECT) and before FIDIC dispute adjudication boards. He was part of the team representing the Slovak Republic in famous Achmea case, resulting in ECJ decision holding that arbitration clauses in BITs between EU Member States are inapplicable.

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